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Small plastic bottles with attached lids Makes loading at the range much easier!

Recoil Proof Scope Mount For Old Model Contender Weaver 92A mount with its base sanded to match Contender barrel contour and with a fulcrum effect stopping 10-32 set screw installed near the front. Only $25 + $3 s&h.

Individual Scope & Gun Screws Minimum order is 3 screws. Mix them any way you want. Shipping & handling is $3 per order no matter how many screws you order. You can order a dozen screws for a total cost of less than what the big guys charge for shipping.

New! Metric Screws, Dies, Taps, Bits, Hex Keys, Etc. Low stock now, but give me time!

Drills & Taps & Dies for Scope & Gun Screws HSS and carbide drills. High quality and priced right.

Blue Jean Rivets & Buttons & Green Velcro & Chicago Screws Yep, it's rivets and buttons like on your favorite jeans. My Chicago screws are steel or aluminum with a silver or antique brass finish. Minimum order is $5 which includes $3 USPS shipping.

Solid stainless steel split-ring key chain rings. Make non-rusting attachment points on backpacks, etc. Replace that sweat-rusted key chain ring you carry in your pocket.

Small zip bags for parts, etc.  3" x 5" white block & 2" x 3" plain. Low as 3 1/2 each!! Small manila envelopes for parts and coins, too.

Solid Metal 12" Rods for Knife Scale Pins, etc.   Stainless steel, brass and aluminum rods for projects. Flat $4 shipping & handling to the USA.

Fiber optic rods for gun sights   10" rods for $2.50 & $3.50 each!

Felt Wads 100% Pure Wool Felt Wads. In 250 count or 1,000 count. Two sizes: 1/2" x 1/8" or 1/2" x 1/16". Also recycled felt wads.

Pure Lard, BPCR Cookie Mix and Black Powder Bullet Lube Known throughout the free world as "Junior Lube." It's cheaper and better. 'Nuff said!

Saddle Ring Sling If you like hunting in the thickets with the deer, make life easier by hooking one of these slings to the saddle ring of your 94 Winchester.

Mississippi Delta Graveyard Dirt   The genuine article, not watered-down California graveyard dirt.

Brass Screw Inserts For Wood. Internal threads of 1/4x28, 1/4x20, 10-32 and 8-32.